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What Can I Expect For My Roof Inspection Appointment?

Regular inspections of your commercial roof can help protect your property, employees, visitors, and general business operations. The risks of failing to schedule your roof inspection are simply too significant to ignore this important operational practice.

At Green Improvements, we guarantee a complete and thorough inspection of your roof. Not only does our team inspect the roof, but also all other building elements that could impact the condition of your roof.

On-site inspections typically take about 4 to 6 hours. Here is what you can expect for your roof inspection appointment:

#1 Examination of the building records

#2 Inspection of the rooftop

#3 Inspection of all roof-based mechanical equipment and accessories

#4 Record of the current roof condition with in-depth images

#5 Careful check of the interior of the roof and walls

#6 Extraction of core samples and careful examination of the existing roof assembly

#7 Inspection of all roof accessories, including industrial skylights

#8 Inspection of the gutters

#9 Inspection of the drainage off of the roof

#10 Inspection of the building's envelope

After the on-site inspection, our team will spend about 5 to 7 hours composing a thorough assessment of the condition of your roof. If your roof needs any repairs, this assessment will also include an estimate of these repair costs.

Don’t delay your roof inspection. Give us a call at 574-231-7026.

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