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Snow Has Arrived: 6 Ways To Preserve Your Building From The Elements This Winter

Some call it "the most wonderful time of the year" and while you and your company may be ready for it, be sure that your building is ready as well.

Here are 6 ways to keep your building well maintained all winter long:

#1 Prepare sensitive landscaping and structures for snowfall

Not all fixtures and structures in and around your building may be strong enough to resist the winter elements. Be mindful of these non-weather resistant structures and store or cover as appropriate.

#2 Inspect the roof for ice dams.

Build-up of ice on the roof can cause a multitude of issues, including damage to the roof itself. A roof inspection from a professional team can help you to prevent the build-up of ice, as well as recommend safe removal techniques.

#3 Inspect the building’s interior for maintenance issues.

While you will want to check the entire building, pay particular attention to any areas around kitchen, bathrooms, and common areas.

#4 Check for proper operation of all outlets and light switches.

Be sure that your electricity is in proper working condition. Pay attention to outlets and light switches, for example.

#5 Inspect the ceiling and floors for damage (e.g., water damage).

Be vigilant about this step. Any leak, however small, will only grow and cause further damage. Promptly take care of any leaks and/or other water damage that you notice.

#6 Hire snow removal services.

The snow has just begun. Make sure your company is prepared for the whole season yet to come.

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