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Keeping Your Crew Safe And Minimizing Roof Risks

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Employee safety should always be the number one priority. As such, it’s important to carefully and constantly consider hazards in and around the building, including the roof.

As suggests, owners and building maintenance employees should be aware of common roof hazards and methods of minimizing these hazards:

#1 Cover skylights with netting or cages.

Skylights, though beautiful from inside the building, can pose significant risks to employees who work to maintain the roof.

Also note that hatches and vent covers pose similar risks.

#2 Repair soft spots on the roof deck.

Soft spots on the roof can occur as a result of water damage and can lead to buckling. If someone were to walk on this damaged roof deck, the risk of falling would be significant.

#3 Provide proper signage and other precautions near steep slopes on the roof.

Slopes on the roof pose serious risk of employees slipping or losing balance. Be sure that you and your employees take proper precautions on and around these areas of the roof.

#4 Install a warning line system at least 15 feet from the edge of the roof.

While it may seem obvious, the edge of the roof presents serious risks for employees working on the roof. Be sure that proper safety barricades and signage are installed on the roof.

#5 Minimize roof access.

Be sure that access to go on the roof is limited to only those employees who need to be here for their tasks. And, be sure that all employees are fully trained on safety measures.

If you're a located in the Goshen, Elkhart, Warsaw, or South Bend area, give us a call to inspect your commercial roofing.

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Don't work in the snowy weather and always tie yourself with a hook while doing roof repair.

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