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Why Should I Have The Building Envelope Inspected?

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

The building envelope (i.e. the roof, sidewalls, exterior windows, skylights, man doors, and overhead doors) provides a physical barrier between the conditioned and unconditioned environment. This physical structure protects the inside of the building from water, heat, light, and noise transfer.

The building envelope can endure wear and tear accidents from a plethora of causes, as well as damage from the elements.

If your building envelope has not been recently inspected and especially if your building envelope appears damaged, contact the professionals for inspection and repair without delay. Below are a few major risks that can occur as a result of a damaged building envelope:

  • Poor indoor air quality

  • Energy inefficiencies

  • Aesthetic loss

  • Corrosion

  • Wall damage or deterioration

  • Structural damage

Green Improvements offers in-depth no obligation inspection of the building envelope. Contact our team today to ensure the integrity of your building envelope and avoid the risks associated with a damaged building envelope.

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