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Green Improvements is your premier commercial roofing contractor. From manufacturing facilities to retail and commercial buildings, we offer sound solutions tailored to meet your business's roofing and building envelope needs and budget.

Established in 2015, Green Improvements strives to create true satisfaction for our customers by providing superior products and workmanship in a timely and professional manner.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Utilizing Conklin's innovative, energy-saving roofing systems, we understand that your commercial roof is a long-term investment and not just another expense. Unlike residential roofing, commercial roofing is maintained and serviced in a much different manner, leaving the one size fits all mentality at home.

With Green Improvements at the helm, there's no need to take a crash course in commercial roofing installations. We provide thorough, upfront, no-obligation estimates, and reports that provide you with all of the information needed to understand both the processes and solutions to safely and effectively replace the roofs on your commercial buildings.

All of our installations are designed to be performed safely and without hindering production as much as possible.

We offer the following commercial roofing solutions.
  • 60 mil PVC Single Ply Membrane Flexion XL® comes with 25-year non-prorated leak-proof warranty, an excellent choice for both new and re-roofing applications, the most tear-resistant single-ply membrane on the market.
  • 60 mil TPO™ Outpost is a Single Ply membrane with 20-year non-prorated leak-proof warranty. The only TPO on the market with a 20-year non-prorated warranty, non-moisture wicking scrim, Kevlar-reinforced scrim, and the most reflective TPO on the market. 
  • Solar reflective – Solar reflective roofs reflect the sun's UV rays into the atmosphere, which significantly reduces solar heat gain.
  • Seamless Roofing – Seamless roofing can be applied to existing roofs and is 100% waterproof and reflective, with up to 25-year non-prorated leak proof warranties, (Yes, you read that right!) seamless roofing extends the life of your existing roof in a big way.

 Solar Roofing Systems

Did you know that if you install a new roof with a solar system, you can get tax credits for the entire project and not just the solar system? Our highly reflective energy-efficient roofing systems go hand in hand with the solar systems installed by Advanced Solar, LLC and can save a ton of your hard-earned money.

Commercial Roof Leak Repair

When a leak occurs in your building, the potential for damage to your assets and inventory become a threat. If left unchecked, the risk of significant property damage and the onset of safety hazards will become a reality.

If left unchecked, you run the risk of the following hazards.
  • Mold & mildew buildup
  • Potential for equipment & inventory damage
  • Fire hazards at electrical panels
  • Energy loss
  • Potential for Slip & fall accidents due to ponding water on the production floor
  • Loss of production and sales
Specializing in waterproofing and restoring existing low sloped, metal, flat industrial membrane, tar and spray foam roofs you can count on the experienced, knowledgeable commercial roofers at Green Improvements to professionally inspect your roof and provide an in-depth solution designed to protect your assets.

Roofing Inspection Services

Prevention is vital when it comes to your commercial roof. At Green Improvements, we offer thorough roofing inspection services. Roof inspections are checkups that determine the integrity of a roof and how long it may last as well as when it will need to be replaced.

Steps taken to inspect a commercial roof include the following.
  • Carefully checking the roofs', and walls' interior
  • Inspecting the buildings envelope
  • Examining the building records
  • Inspecting the rooftop
  • Inspecting roof-based mechanical equipment & accessories
  • Submitting an in-depth no-obligation assessment designed to protect your assets
To learn more about our roof inspection policy, fees or a sample inspection report, please contact Green Improvements.

Exterior Building Envelope

While roofing is our specialty, we also provide other services such as man doors, overhead doors, sidewalls, and complete exterior building restoration services. 

What is the Building Envelope?

In short, a building's envelope is the exterior of the building that repels the elements. A commercial building's envelope consists of the roof, sidewalls, exterior windows, skylights, man doors, and overhead doors.

Inspecting the envelope of a building identifies any weak spots in the tightness of the building, which can lead to heat loss.

Why do the building envelopes matter?
  • Controlling Moisture - Moisture can and will impact your structure. From the roof to the floor and walls, unchecked leaks can damage the overall integrity of a building and lead to expensive repairs.
  • Thermal control – Is your building to hot or too cold? As we all know heat rises and if you don't have enough resistance in your building to prevent the heat from escaping through your roof, it's time to investigate your buildings envelope to eliminate heat loss and energy costs.

Commercial Roofing Installation Safety

Our team realizes that safety is paramount. Below are some noted safety processes and procedures for our roofing projects.
  • All employees of Green Improvements wear safety vests at all times while working on the job site
  • Fall protection is used, either by cones and flag line or by rail fence installed around the perimeter of the roof and fastened to the roof edge
  • Ladders will be tied down at all times
  • Spray foam applicators use and wear proper masking and respiratory equipment
  • General job site safety meetings are held once a week
  • Rental equipment has completed Pre Delivery checklists provided to ensure safe heavy equipment operations
  • Clean & well maintained Job Sites

Premier Commercial Roofing Contractor

As a preferred local commercial construction company, customer satisfaction, and workmanship in a timely and professional manner, along with treating our employees well is our top priority.

Our continuous training provides us with the ability to ensure an accurate analysis of the integrity of your industrial, commercial, or a retail roof along with professional, educated recommendations explicitly designed to meet your particular situation with a focus on protecting your assets and investments.
  • Continuous in-house and outside training & education for both Management and Employees
  • Cost-effective Green Solutions
  • Safety for both our Clients & Employees
  • Energy-efficient roofing systems
  • Increased roof durability
  • Installations performed without hindering production
To learn more about commercial roofing in South Bend and Elkhart, Indiana, contact the Premier Commercial Roofing Contractors at Green Improvements or call (574) 231-7026.

The Commercial Roofing Group at Green Improvements looks forward to serving you on your next project!

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