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Repair Or Replace?

Updated: Feb 23

While not every roof damage requires a total replacement, all roofs do eventually reach the end of their lifecycles.

If you are questioning whether or not your roof requires a repair or a replacement, here are some recommendations:

#1 Schedule a roof inspection.

No matter if in the end your roof will require a simple repair or a complete replacement, it is best to know definitively, and right away.

Don’t delay in scheduling an appointment for a professional roof inspection. Roof inspections provide you, the owner, with diagnosis of your roof’s integrity, estimated remaining lifespan, and awareness of damages that need repair.

#2 Examine the damages.

After you have scheduled your roof inspection, take note of the damages that you can spot.

You will want to make note of items such as:

- Cracks in joints

- Building grade issues

- Moisture intrusion

- Cracks at or near the foundation

- Damages to the roof’s drainage system

- Damages to the roof’s accessories

#3 Signs that a roof needs replacement might include…

- Curled shingle edges or cupped shingle tabs

- Cracked shingles

- Missing granules on shingles

- Appears old and worn

- Dark streaks (which result from airborne algae)

- Moss on the roof’s surface

While you should certainly schedule a roof inspection if you notice any of the damages listed above, we highly recommend scheduling regular roof inspections. Doing so will help prevent severe damages.

Call our team at 574-231-7026 to schedule your roof inspection.

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