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Building Envelope 101

A well-maintained and sturdy building envelope is critical. Here’s why:

What does a building envelope consist of?

The building envelope includes the the walls, windows, skylights, overhead doors, roof, and foundation.

Why is the building envelope important?

These elements of the building collectively provide the protective barrier which separates the building’s interior from the exterior environment.

Consider what and who are within the building envelope. Not only does your building’s interior house your equipment and inventory, but your employees, customers, and other guests work and visit within the building’s interior.

Thus, a protective and well-maintained building envelope is a must.

What common external elements that the building envelope protects from?

The building envelope protects the building’s interior from moisture and temperature changes.

Moisture from leaks, even seemingly small leaks, can create to significant damages to the building’s integrity.

Also, your building envelope can prevent heat loss and reduce energy costs.

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