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7 Safety Measures For Roof Inspections

Updated: Feb 23

For every roof installation or repair, safety and quality remain our top priorities.

Here are 7 of the many safety measures our team takes during the roof installation process:

#1 Safety Vests

All of our team members wear safety vests at all times while working on the job site.

#2 Fall Protection

Our team uses cones and flag line or rail fence installed around the perimeter of the roof and fastened to the roof edge for fall protection.

#3 Ladders Safety

At all times, the ladders our team uses are tied down and secured.

#4 Respiratory Equipment

Our team uses spray foam applicators and wears proper masking and respiratory equipment.

#5 Regular Safety Meetings

Once a week, our team holds a general job site safety meeting.

#6 Equipment Checks

Our team completes a pre-delivery checklist for all rental equipment to ensure safe and proper heavy equipment operations.

#7 Job Site Maintenance

Our team follows the protocols and process in place to keep the job site clean and orderly from start to finish.

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