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Seasonal Summer Maintenance For Commercial Properties

Summer is in full-swing and if you haven’t already, here are some items on your commercial property that we recommend attending to before the season up:

#1 Clean out gutters.

Clear away any leaves or other debris that may be nested in the gutters. Doing so ensures the gutters will function properly should a storm strike.

#2 Use a fresh coat of paint (if needed).

The summertime is a good time to give your building exterior a little facelift, and a new layer of paint on the exterior oftentimes works like a charm to get this job done.

#3 Check on your HVAC.

This is a must, especially for those hot days of summer. Make sure your air conditioning is operating as it should.

#4 Be on pest patrol.

Summer is popular time of year for insects, rodents, and other pests. Take proper precautions to prevent invaders from getting into your property and materials. And, be on the look out should these unwanted pests find their way in.

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