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8 Steps To Metal Roof Restoration & Waterproofing System Installation

You can count on quality, powerful results for your metal roof restoration and waterproofing system installation from Green Improvements.

Here is how our team gets the job done:

#1 Power wash to remove all coating and dirt. This step provides a clean canvas upon which to install the waterproofing system.

#2 Prime the surface to block any rust from breaking through into the topcoat.

#3 Treat endlap seams.

This step keeps water, such as from freezing and thawing ice or snow, from dripping into the building via the endlap seams.

#4 Seal butyl tape. This tape is used into the previous step to treat the endlap seams.

Therefore, this step now requires that the tape is sealed to cover any potential voids in the endlap adhesive.

#5 Install a base coat over the endlap seams. Doing so provides maximum flexibility and resistance in case of any building movement.

#6 Treat the sidelap seams.

This step prevents any blowing rain or ice from entering into the building.

#7 Caulk all fasteners, which completely seals all fasterners and grommets.

#8 Install the top coat. A top coat protects all sealants used in the process and locks in all components of the sturdy, protective system.

In addition, this step also reduces any expansion and contraction of the building. And, a bright white topcoat can even help lower your utility bills by maintaining cool temperature inside the building.

See the process from start to finish in this video.

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