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6 Signs That Commonly Signal A Need For Roof Replacement

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Every roof has a lifecycle. And, while not all instances of roof damage require a total roof replacement, here are some signs that a roof may need replacement:

#1 Curled shingle edges or cupped shingle tabs

#2 Cracked shingles

#3 Missing granules on shingles

#4 Appears old and worn

#5 Dark streaks (which result from airborne algae)

#6 Moss on the roof’s surface

Note that these typical signs do not always indicate the need for replacement in every case. For this reason, we highly recommend scheduling a roof inspection when you notice these or any other signs of damage to the roof or building envelope.

Furthermore, scheduling regular roof inspections, as well as inspections when damages occur provide a diagnosis of the roof’s integrity, estimated remaining lifespan, and awareness of damages that need repair.

Call Green Improvements today to schedule your roof inspection. Some of the areas we serve are Goshen, Elkhart, Warsaw, and South Bend.

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