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5 Ways To Maintain Your Building’s Envelope

Just as important as a durable roof is a durable building envelope in proper working condition.

The building envelope consists of the roof, sidewalls, exterior windows, skylights, man doors, and overhead doors.

Thus, these components of the building, as well as the roof, make up the physical barrier that repels the exterior elements and protects the building’s interior (including everything and everyone inside) from items like water, heat, light, and noise transfer.

Here are 5 ways (from to help you ensure proper maintenance of your building’s envelope:

#1 Visual survey of any deterioration signs on the roof

#2 Annual visual survey of wall-system components

#3 Examination of sealants in wall-systems and window perimeters

#4 Notice of any cracks or openings in wall-system components

#5 Interior survey of the openings in wall systems above the ceiling

And remember, Green Improvements provides comprehensive, detailed inspections to help you maintain your roof and building envelope – Give us a call!

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