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5 Risks Of A Leaking Roof

Make no mistake a leak in the roof, although it may appear small to start, can cause significant damage if not attended to right away.

Here are 5 potential risks of a leaking roof:

#1 Injury to you or your employees

Protecting your employees should remain at the top of your priority list.

#2 Falling ceiling tiles and damaged inventory

If left unchecked, leaking can cause damage and costly interruption to your inventory, supplies, and general business practies.

#3 Wet insulation

Such a repair can be extremely costly, especially since this damage can cause an unwelcome spike in your utility costs.

#4 Mold, insects, and other contaminants

These potential contaminants no doubt arise a result of wet insulation.

#5 Aging roof

Remember that proper maintenance of your roof can extend the life of your roof.

As you can see, the risks of a leaking roof are significant. Thus, if you spot a leak, do not delay its repair. Leaks need immediate attention to prevent further leaks and other damage.

Better yet, to protect your building as well as everything and everyone inside, schedule regular roof inspections to guarantee safety.

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