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4 Easy Ways To Conserve Energy

If you are wondering how you can conserve energy use at your commercial property, check out these four simple tips that can easily be implemented into most business processes:

#1 Bulb Choices

Instead of using incandescent light bulbs, use CFL or LED bulbs. These lighting options are much more efficient in energy distribution.

#2 Off/On

Do not keep unnecessary lights on. Make this a regular business practice. An even better option would be install automatic lights.

In the same way, turning off machines that are not in use is another way to conserve energy.

#3 HVAC System

Keep your HVAC system in check and in proper working condition. A damaged system can lead to energy waste.

#4 Insulation

Similar to a proper working HVAC system, it’s important to constantly confirm that all insulation, for example weather stripping along doors and windows, remains in proper working condition.

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