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2 Potential Roof Damages You May Have Overlooked

Leaking is not the only type of damage that can threaten your roof.

Here are two additional roof damages that you might not have considered:

#1 Metal Flashing And Roof Cement

These material are sometimes used in locations where two different surfaces meet, such as at the intersection of walls and roof.

#2 Roof Vents

Depending on the level of damages, a broken roof vent will either need repairing or replacing. These areas should be checked for cracks and broken seams based on the material used.

And Remember…

If left unattended, seemingly small roof or other building exterior damages only grow worse.

So, be sure to stay up to date on your roof maintenance. A regularly scheduled roof inspection can help minimize risk of the two hazards mentioned above, as well as other potential damages like leaks.

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