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Green Improvements is the premier commercial roofing contractor serving the northern United States.

From manufacturing facilities to retail and commercial buildings, we offer proven solutions tailored to meet your industrial roofing and building envelope needs, along with your budget.

Green Improvements strives to create five-star satisfaction for our customers by providing superior products, elite customer service and superior workmanship in a timely and professional manner.

Contact us today to receive your free consultation and quote. Whether you decide to work with us or not, we're here to help and ensure that your project gets done correctly.



If you are short on time and want a one-word description of Green Improvements, it's AWESOME!


Great company filled with great people! Customer service is top notch. Would highly recommend!


I know Ben to be a highly ethical, disciplined businessman who delivers on his promises.


Ben and Green Improvements have been fantastic to work with. I highly recommend them!

Climbing a Ladder


A sales specialist will meet with you to determine your detailed needs, goals, desires, and future plans regarding the facility. The discussion is followed with a thorough roof inspection (inside & outside) along with taking core samples in-order-to reveal/define all applicable options and systems for your specific roof.

Business representative


Proposals are delivered to you, per your preferred method of receiving, all completed within 48 hours after initial site walkthrough. The options include a sit-down meeting to discuss and review proposal, which is brought to you in a neatly prepared and easy to navigate 3-ring binder. It will also be emailed to you in a PDF format.

Working Cafe


A commitment to relationships and clarity of Scope Of Work, demands a follow up to answer any questions, discuss any changes you might have identified and to determine the urgency for your project for planning and scheduling purposes.


If your project is not of immediate urgency, then you will be asked to identify your preferences for ongoing follow up.

Frequency Method

  • Weekly, Monthly, Annually, Not At All

  • Phone Call, Text messageEmail, Snail Mail

Judge's Table


For projects which are planned for completion in the following six months, we ask for a signed Letter Of Intent with a 2% non-refundable deposit to hold your place on the calendar. When the project is ready to launch, your sale specialist will discuss, and achieve agreement on payment terms.


The final contract will be signed, the agreed upon down payment will be collected, and scheduling will commence upon return to the office. You will be provided with a tentative start and completion date, weather cooperating of course.


Green Improvements will provide insurance certification, obtain and post the building permit, perform a site review to establish a staging area, conduct a risk assessment, and discuss final plans with your on-site supervisor, prior to the start of work.



Safety is critical for those on the roof and on the ground. We provide a risk assessment review to determine potential safety concern around the work environment and to take corrective action “pre-job”. Project staging allows for equipment and materials to be located for convenience of the crew without interfering with the operation of the facility.


Regular communication will be maintained and progress reports with photos provided, via email, at the end of every week. An individual will need to be identified and phone/email info collected for this purpose. Upon completion, the crew will provide impeccable clean-up and safety tear-down.

Reviewing Documents


Green Improvements believes a final inspection and walkthrough to be a critical part of our Customer Satisfaction Program. This walkthrough is conducted by/with your Sales Specialist (with or without client representative present). This allows for one-on-one time to review the final work product, share comments, and discuss any additional work you may have coming up.


You will receive final documentation and photos, deliver via email within a matter of days. The documents will include, but are not limited to the below.

  • Warranty Documents

  • Final Payment Invoices 

  • QR For Google Review

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BNI Member
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