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Seamless Restoration & Waterproofing System Applied over an Existing Metal Roof

United Roll Forming in Elkhart, Indiana came to Green Improvements to repair their leaking roof.

United Form Rolling specializes in seat tracks, grab handles and luggage racks. Custom made utilizing their engineering experts, 3D design capabilities, and state-of-the-art roll forming machines, United Form Rolling brings over 50 years of roll forming experience.

Exposure to the Elements

Commercial roofs are the most critical yet vulnerable part of a building. From U.V. to wind and rain, snow and ice, extreme heat and cold, Mother Nature can take a toll causing leaks and other failures.

When a leak occurs, often Building Owners and Managers brace for a complete roof replacement. Depending on the circumstances, there may be more straightforward, less expensive alternatives.

Repairing a leaking Industrial Roof

After careful inspection of the metal roof, we found that the existing aluminum coatings were failing and not holding up at all.

We utilized a 10,000 PSI. Pressure Washer we removed all of the existing coatings. After the surfaces were completely free of the old layers, we were able to repair the roof with a Conklin® fluid applied, seamless restoration and waterproofing roofing system over the existing metal roof.

Seamless roofing systems are 100% waterproof, renewable, reflective, and less expensive than most traditional roofing systems.

Reflective, the seamless waterproofing system eliminates gaps where the roof panels meet, around HVAC units, industrial skylights, drains and vent pipes eliminating the possibility of future leaks.

Industrial Roofing Inspection Services

Preventing leaks is essential when it comes to protecting your assets. At Green Improvements, we offer thorough roofing inspection services.
Roof inspections examine the integrity of a roof, how long it may last, and when it will need to be replaced.

Inspecting an industrial roof entails the following.
  • Carefully checking the roofs', and walls' interior
  • Inspecting the buildings envelope
  • Examining the building records
  • Inspecting the rooftop
  • Inspecting roof-based mechanical equipment & accessories
  • Submitting an in-depth no-obligation assessment designed to protect your assets
To learn more about industrial roof leak repair in South Bend and Elkhart, Indiana and surrounding communities, contact the Premier Commercial Roofing Contractors at Green Improvements or call (574) 231-7026.


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