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Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Commercial Roof

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

With any change of season, comes a change in maintenance needs for your roof and building as a whole. Now that spring is on its way, check out these three tips on how to prepare your roof and building envelope for the change of season:

#1 Winter Damage Checks

Review the areas around your building for any noticeable damages that may have occurred over the winter season.

Better yet, schedule a roof inspection to have your roof and building envelope inspected for any damages. Doing so, will ensure that your roof and building is healthy and strong for the upcoming spring season.

#2 Window Cleaning

Let that sunshine in! Clean the winter weather build-up off of the windows. And don’t forget to clean off the window frames.

In addition to cleaning, take note of any damages to windows or window areas that you may see around these areas. If you notice any damages, even seemingly small damages, be sure to have these checked right away.

#3 Cement & Other Hard-Surface Cleaning

Like the windows, clean away the winter build-up from hard surfaces around the building an property.

Doing so will not only beautify your building and surrounding area, but also help to minimize any current or future issues related to build-up of weather residue, falling foliage, etc.

Keep in mind that all of these maintenance items impact the health of not only the building's walls and surrounding area, but also the roof.

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