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Metal Stamp, Inc. Industrial Roof Restoration

Metal Stamp, Inc. in South Bend, Indiana, came to Green Improvements for a solution to their leaking, rusted metal roof.
Metal Stamp is a service-driven stamping supplier for precision metal stampings, deep drawn parts, and heavy blanking’s for a wide variety of industries and applications. With clients all over the world, the integrity of their roof is paramount to their production processes.

Metal Stamp was referred to us by one of our existing customers. This allowed them to drive by and view our work before making a decision.

Industrial Roof Inspection

During the in-depth inspection of their roof, we discovered areas where the roof was leaking and noticed rust building on their existing metal roof. Rust occurs when metal that contains iron is exposed to oxygen and moisture over time.
Once complete, we submitted a thorough, in-depth no-obligation assessment to Metal Stamp. After reviewing the assessment and proposals, Metal Stamp chose a restoration and waterproofing system.

Roof Restoration

To begin the restoration process, we had to remove the existing coatings using power washers and chisels to get down to the solid metal panel before installing our Conklin® coating system.

Once the roof was prepped, we installed the coating system. Conklin® has been a leader of acrylic elastomeric roof coatings for over 40 years.
Prevention is vital when it comes to your commercial roof. To learn more about our industrial roofing systems or to schedule a roof inspection, contact the Premier Commercial Roofing Contractors at Green Improvements or call (574) 231-7026.


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