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Mechanical Engineering Controls Leaking Roof Restored!

Mechanical Engineering Controls Automation Corp. (MECA) in Elkhart, Indiana came to Green Improvements to discuss solutions for their leaking roof.

MECA provides custom-engineered controls and equipment such as 3D molding, custom automated machines, and systems integration.

MECA was experiencing a leaking roof which resulted in water running down the walls of their 15,000 square foot facility. From stained walls and ceilings, mold and water puddling, both their employees and assets were at risk.

Industrial Roof Inspection

Our first task was to do a roof inspection to determine where the leaks were coming from and how extensive the damage was.

Roof inspections should include more than just examining the roof. From analyzing the building records to inspecting the roof based equipment such as air conditioners and industrial skylights, often these additional examinations can lead to clues as to why specific issues are occurring on the rooftop.

Potential Hazards from a Leaking Roof

  • Mold & mildew buildup
  • Potential for equipment & inventory damage
  • Fire hazards at electrical panels
  • Energy loss
  • Potential for Slip & fall accidents due to ponding water on the production floor
  • Loss of production and sales

Roof Restoration versus a Complete Tear Off

When a leak occurs, often Building Owners and Managers brace for a complete roof replacement. Depending on the circumstances, there may be more straightforward and less expensive alternatives.

At MECA we were able to spare the cost of a complete tear-off by simply restoring their roof.

To begin the restoration process, we utilized a 5,000 PSI pressure washer to ensure a clean roof surface. After the surfaces were completely clean and dry, we were able to repair the roof with a Conklin® fluid-applied, seamless restoration and waterproofing roofing system over the existing metal roof.
To learn more about our Conklin® industrial roofing systems or to schedule a roof inspection, contact the Premier Commercial Roofing Contractors at Green Improvements or call (574) 231-7026.


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