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Fluid Applied, Fabric Reinforced Commercial Roof Replacement

With millions of dollars of printing presses and paper goods at stake, Mossberg & Company in South Bend, Indiana contacted Green Improvements to repair their leaking roof.

Mossberg & Company is one of North America’s most respected printing companies. From offset to digital and flexographic printing, maintaining a controlled environment is key to Mossberg’s success.

Clean Job sites from Start to Finish

Our first course of action was to prep early to avoid obstructing the entranceway for both employees and clients. From adding safety measures such as fencing on the roof to hoisting materials up, the entranceway was free of all obstructions by the beginning of each workday.

Tearing the Roof Off

Once we were prepped and ready, we did a complete removal of all the roof’s substrate down to the metal decking. We then inspected and repaired the metal decking. After we finished the repairs, we installed a unique Conklin® fabric reinforced fluid applied seamless system with incredibel resistance against hail and high winds.

The system we installed for Mossberg is a bit more expensive than a standard 60 mil single-ply membrane system, however, if someone has a roof that absolutely cannot leak, is low maintenance, and low cost to restore, this roof is the answer!

Protecting our Clients Investment

As with all of our clients before starting a roofing project, we make sure to go over every detail with our Clients. Mossberg, in particular, has such a well-maintained facility and they have Clients visiting their business daily that we needed to pay extra attention when applying the seamless system to ensure that there was no overspray.

In the end, the commercial roof we installed for Mossberg & Company will protect their printing presses, paper goods, and employees as well as provide a controlled environment necessary for printing for many years to come.

Roofing Inspection Services

Prevention is vital when it comes to your commercial roof. At Green Improvements, we offer thorough roofing inspection services. Roof inspections are checkups that determine the integrity of a roof and how long it may last as well as when it will need to be replaced.

To learn more about the unique Conklin fabric reinforced fluid applied seamless system that we installed at Mossberg & Company by contacting the premier commercial roofing contractors at Green Improvements or call (574)231-7026 today!


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