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Commercial Flat Roof Restoration in Kalamazoo, MI

Grace Harbor Church in Kalamazoo, MI, came to Green Improvements searching for a solution for their leaking roof in their sanctuary. Grace Harbor Church is an inter-generational congregation.

Our first task was to inspect the roof. Our roof inspections determine both the integrity of the roof and where the moisture intrusions are.
After the roof inspection, we provided the Client with an upfront, no-obligation estimate. Our in-depth evaluation included images and a complete assessment of the roof. Our reports offer clients all of the information needed to understand the condition of their roof and our recommended solution to safely and effectively repair the leaks.

Flat Roof Inspection

Upon inspection of their flat roof, we found that the existing membrane was old and brittle. Exhibiting a lot of cracks, it was just a question of time before leaks in their roof increased.
A flat roof is a roof that is almost level in contrast to sloped roofs. Although they may look horizontal, the slope is normally at least one-quarter of an inch per square foot.
Flat roofs often require more maintenance throughout their life, however, regular routine maintenance on flat roofs can greatly prolong the life span.

Mother Nature Takes her Toll

Commercial roofs are the most critical yet vulnerable part of a building. From Ultraviolet rays to wind, rain, snow, and ice, Mother Nature can take a toll causing leaks and other building failures.
When a leak occurs, often building owners brace for a complete roof replacement. Depending on the circumstances, there may be more straightforward, less expensive alternatives.
At Green Improvements, we continually strive to keep unnecessary waste out of the landfills when possible. After the initial inspection of Grace Harbor Church, we found that we could easily install a Conklin® fabric and coating system over the existing roof rather than completely tearing off the roofing materials.

Roof Repair/Restoration

As with all of our roof restorations, we start the restoration process by power washing the roof to remove dirt, moss, algae, and any other foreign objects and debris. Once we prepped the roof, we installed the fabric and coating system.

With the roofing system that we installed, in the future, the roof will never require a complete tear-off. Instead, Grace Harbor Church can have it recoated for a minimal dollar amount, which will save thousands of dollars throughout the years.
To learn more about this project or set up a roof inspection for your business, in South Bend and Elkhart, Indiana, or surrounding communities, contact the Premier Commercial Roofing Contractors at Green Improvements or call (574) 231-7026.


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